The close of 2016

The close of 2016

2016 draws to a close

The concert at the Canongate Kirk on 26 November – jointly with  Da Capo Alba – proved a great success  both in terms of takings and audience enjoyment.

Its late afternoon/early evening start time of 5-30 seemed to  work well.  This was no doubt  due to the concert being not just at the weekend but a weekend in Edinburgh shortly before Christmas.

So many came to the concert  – and we’re grateful to each and every one – that there’s scarcely a programme left in EMGO hands.  It was a great looking programme and the playlist of both  orchestras got lots of compliments for interest and variety.  So, here it is to savour again. Programme cover; Programme contents

Next year will see more concert fixtures and, following EMGO’s  first successful concert trip well beyond Edinburgh this summer,  2017 will see the mandolin and guitar orchestra sound take to the far west of Argyll.

But, until then and lots more detail, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all in EMGO, all in like orchestras, and to friends, family and music lovers who supported us through the year.



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